Welcome to the DIBI Foundation

DIBI SECURITY FOUNDATION LTD is a non-profit investment institution established in Singapore by DIBI Technology Co., Ltd. in 2019.

Blockchain Project

DIBI Foundation officially launched the DIBI ecosystem in 2019 and has already invested in the following projects

DeerBit Global Exchange

DeerBit Global Exchange is the world's first trading platform built by DIBIibi Technology Co., Ltd., which focuses on creating decentralized trading rules.

DBLend Line Lending Platform

DBLend Line is a decentralized digital currency lending platform in the DiBi ecosystem, which is the product of strong cooperation between DeFi and CeFi.

Cross Chain

Cross chain uses multiple encryption technologies to ensure that user assets are more secure and asset transfers are more efficient

TASK Catcher

Task Catcher is a comprehensive task distribution platform based on the underlying technology of the blockchain, which aims to use the advantages of big data and huge number of users to promote the rapid development of high-quality projects.

About Us

DIBI FOUNDATION is committed to investing in and helping some high quality and potential High-Tech projects in the field of blockchain.

At the same time, we are committed to disseminating knowledge, education, concepts and technical research results related to the blockchain field, so as to promote the development of blockchain technology in various fields around the world.