DBLend  shines in Beijing night, imagining the future of DeFi

DBLend shines in Beijing night, imagining the future of DeFi

After taking part in the Chengdu high-end encryption cocktail party on March 26, DBLend  also entered Beijing with the spring breeze of April, setting off a wave of DeFi . DBLend  is very honored to receive the invitation of the world’s first large-scale encryption Art Exhibition “virtual habitat”. On April 2, DBLend  participated in the “DeFi  seven o’clock foundation encryption cocktail party” at UCCA lab in Beijing and gave a keynote speech on the stage.

With the further development of the market, the popularity of the blockchain industry has been rising. However, compared with most of the public, it is still a mysterious industry. Based on this, the “virtual habitat” encryption art twin city exhibition is held to enhance the public’s awareness of blockchain culture by establishing the interaction between traditional art circle, encryption art and blockchain technology community Solution. DBLend  was invited to attend the reception on the evening of April 2, hoping to unveil the mystery of the future of DeFi  in the encryption world for the public through the DBLend  lending platform and feel the extraordinary charm.

At the beginning of the reception, Ms. Maggie, commercial director of DiBi global, brought her professional team to the reception, and there was a lot of applause. In the spotlight, Ms. Maggie took the stage to tell the story of DiBi ecology, and gave a comprehensive display and description of DBLend  lending platform.

Ms. Maggie said that DBLend  lending platform is a star product combined with the current environment. It not only solves the traditional trust problem, but also greatly reduces the threshold of user participation. Through the benign ecological construction and Dao autonomous mode, it realizes the common income of all participants.

The atmosphere of the meeting was very hot. With Ms. Maggie’s sharing, it reached a new climax. The audience expressed great interest in DBLend  lending platform.

Ms. Maggie said that DBLend  lending platform is one of the five core applications of blockchain industry ecology and DiBi ecology, and is the product of the strong combination of DeFi  and cefi. Relying on strong investment endorsement and the world’s top technical support, DBLend  has been hot since it was launched, and has been rated as “the most profitable lending giant” and “the leader of the second spring of DeFi “.

DBLend  lending platform is a decentralized ecological application of DeFi . DBL of platform equity voucher is “0” pre dug and “0” reserved, and 100% of it is generated through decentralized mining. At the same time, through multiple intelligent contracts, the common profits of borrowers and lenders can be realized in the platform.

At the end of the sharing, Ms. Maggie’s words were even more sonorous and powerful. She believes that DBLend , as the world’s leading DeFi  lending platform, will develop for a long time in the future and become a new benchmark for the development of the DeFi  industry relying on its unique advantages. In addition, the DBLend  platform has a clear plan, which aims at long-term and continuous positive in the near future. I believe it will lead market investors to win-win situation all the way in the future.

Ms. Maggie’s speech fully aroused the mood of the audience, and the whole audience applauded for a long time. Even though it was late at night, the discussion about DBLend  was still going on. I believe that the future DeFi  spring will sweep the world, and people are looking forward to it.