<strong>DBLend Won the Most Influential DeFi Lending Platform of 2021 World Blockchain Ecological Congress

DBLend Won the Most Influential DeFi Lending Platform of 2021 World Blockchain Ecological Congress

On April 17, the “2021 World Blockchain Ecological Conference & Global Digital Mining Summit and Annual Award Ceremony” hosted by worldchain finance opened in Shenzhen, with well-known project parties, exchanges, mining, communities, investment institutions and other industry elites all present, with more than 3000 participants.

The conference has one main venue and two sub venues, covering 4 summit forums and 10 VIP private meetings. It enables the ecological innovation of blockchain around the hot topics of blockchain application landing, technology frontier and industry trend.

DBLend lending platform of DIBI ecology was invited to attend as a representative of the industry, and won the most influential DeFi lending platform of 2021 world blockchain ecology conference.

From the perspective of “Breakthrough · Peak”, this conference focused on blockchain technology, digital mining, digital economy and IPFS. Dozens of blockchain industry leaders, experts and scholars, well-known KOL and other industry celebrities expressed their opinions and talked about the development trend of 2021 in the new era.

As a representative project in the field of DeFi, DBLend lending platform is also invited to express its views.

At 3 p.m., Wang Honggang, executive president of DiBi Global and strategic consultant of DBLend, delivered a passionate speech entitled “DIBI ecology, the future has come”. The scene was deeply affected and the applause lasted for a long time.

In a short time, Mr.Wang always shared the DIBI ecological architecture, DBLend lending platform products and models to friends on site, and shared many of his insights on DeFi, and we believed that friends on site benefited a lot.

DBLend lending platform is a decentralized ecological application. The platform token DBL, “0” pre excavation and “0” reservation, 100% of which are generated by decentralized mining. At the same time, through multiple smart contracts, the common profits of borrowers and lenders are realized in the platform. DBLend lending platform has won the global famous investment company “BCB wealth management limited” the offshore fund “BCB token fund” to inject with 8 million US dollars.

Mr. Wang said that the CeFi model is a past model, while the DeFi model is the future model of the whole industry. DBLend lending platform is a good combination of CeFi and DeFi, which is why DBLend is popular.

Mr. Wang added that the DBLend lending platform has just launched the public beta 2.0 and won this award. It can be said that it is not only the users, but also the whole industry’s recognition of DBLend. It is not in vain that the DBLend lending platform has been struggling with itself and pursuing perfection.

After the speech, the friends still surrounded Mr.Wang group with enthusiasm. Mr.Wang also kept on sharing ideas with everyone and spreading blockchain knowledge.

In 2021, DBLend, as the world’s leading DeFi lending platform, DBLend will develop for a long time in the future and become a new benchmark for the development of the DeFi industry, relying on its unique advantages. Let’s see.