DeFi Mining King DBL, Daily Annualized Rate 2555%

DeFi Mining King DBL, Daily Annualized Rate 2555%

-At present, the total amount of DIBI pledged by DBL first mine in the whole network is 682597885.98

-The whole network (first mine) is excavated in total

-DBL: 34520

-DIBI: 399999999.99

-One day yield (10.11): 7%

-One day annualized rate (10.11): 2555%

The above content is an income news from the official community of DBL. It is only a few lines, but it sets off a huge wave in the hearts of community partners.

DeFi miners have been depressed for too long by the downturn in the mining market in September. With the advent of October, the mining of DBL is opened together with October.

At the end of the holiday, the miners looked at the DBL&DIBI income in their hands and couldn’t help smiling from the inside out.

The one-day yield is 7%, and the annualized one-day rate is 2555%.

This is the income data so far,but such data makes people hardly want to take a look at Yu Ebao. Compared with the various kinds of DeFi mining income which are carried out simultaneously in the market, DBL is also one of the best.

DBL is the token of DBLend lending platform. At present, DBL can only mining by pledging DIBI. This steady team has delivered a satisfactory income to all the community partners who support it. After the income list is published, more new members of the community are rushing to enter the mining.

The answer to whether earnings can be sustained and stable is Yes.

Because, after all, DBL has just started mining, and DBL will launch Uniswap soon. And next, there will be a grand launch of the new functions of DBLend lending platform, which will only push up the price of DBL one wave after another.

On the first weekend after the holiday, BTC was successfully pushed to 11400 usdt. How can DBL, with this bull market, not be expected?

The DBLend lending platform is a decentralized DeFi ecological application. The key to DBLend’s popularity as soon as it was launched is the decentralized mining form. Its token “DBL” is all issued by mining, and the team has no reservation. At the same time, through multiple smart contracts, both the borrower and the lender can enjoy the income of the corresponding loan products in the platform, and the maximum annual income can exceed 500%.

Through mortgaging DIBI you can mine DBL. The total of DBL is only 2.1 million, with 1.05 million in the first year, which is halved year by year.

As Mining King , when you choose DeFi project, DBL is enough.