DIBI Ecological Global Strategy Conference Taipei Station End Successfully

DIBI Ecological Global Strategy Conference Taipei Station End Successfully

On December 3, the global strategy conference held by DIBI ecology, Taipei station and Taiwan community leaders seminar, was a complete success.

Just in December, ETH began to enter the era of 2.0, and DIBI ecology also started its own global strategic pace. The great events of the blockchain industry can be described as continuous.

It is understood that DIBI introduced its ecological layout and global planning in detail at this conference of DIBI ecological global strategy, so this conference also attracted the elite of blockchain in Taiwan.

At 3:00 p.m., with the joyful voice of the host Xuanwen, the Taipei station of DIBI ecological Global Strategy Conference opened.

First of all, Mr. Ruode, one of the eight famous Asian teachers in the field of financial market analysis, gave us a passionate speech on DIBI ecology.

Although we know that DIBI ecology is very strong, but where does it come from? Mr. Ruode brought us the answer.

DIBI SECURITY FOUNDATION LTD,a well-known blockchain investment institution, has invested and officially launched DIBI ecosystem since 2019.

DIBI Foundation of Singapore is a non-profit investment institution established in Singapore by DIBI Technology Co., Ltd. of the United States. It is committed to investing in and assisting in various high-quality and potential blockchain projects through blockchain knowledge, education, technology research and concept dissemination, so as to contribute to the development and empowerment of blockchain technology in all fields of the world.

With the development and growth of DIBI ecosystem, DiBi ecology has included “DiBi Global exchange”, “DBLend decentralized lending platform” and “Task Catcher comprehensive task distribution platform”.

It is worth mentioning that DBLend has received an injection of US $8 million from the offshore fund “BCB Token Fund”, a well-known global investment company “BCB Wealth Management Limited”.

As we all know, the most popular blockchain ecology in 2020 is the DeFi ecology. In addition to the strong trading platform such as DiBi Global, DIBI ecology also has layout in the field of DeFi ecology. DBLend lending platform is a star project of DeFi. As a decentralized digital currency lending platform, all data links are published, and the wallet address chain can be found.

DBLend lending platform has already started DBL mining. The output of DBL has made community partners enthusiastic. It is reported that DBLend lending platform will be officially launched. At that time, DeFi ecology will recognize such a bright future star.

Although the DBLend lending platform has been so exciting, Mr. Ruode then brought a bombshell to the public.

That is the Task Catcher, a comprehensive task distribution platform in DIBI ecology.

Task Catcher is a comprehensive task distribution platform combining real economy and virtual economy, a turning center of blockchain world, and a super user flow pool.

Through routine tasks, promotion tasks and joint tasks, the super flow pool of Task Catcher will conduct exponential user fission, and leverage the huge number of users inside and outside the DIBI ecology. Different users can achieve personal benefits and maximize benefits for the project, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Of course, the most exciting part of task catcher is its mining machine, six mining pools, twice income off. Every revenue preview data affects the hearts of the guests present. It can be said that if you have a mining machine, you can immediately live a life with income after sleeping.

With such a strong ecological layout, DIBI ecology has also attracted huge media resources and institutional resources, such as 499block, such as BCB Wealth Management Limited mentioned above.

Subsequently, Taiwan community leaders conducted in-depth discussions according to the DeFi Star project DBLend lending platform, and the venue continued to be hot. They were not only exploring the future, but also trying to create unlimited possibilities for the future.

It is believed that all partners can work hand in hand to create brilliance under the environment of DIBI.