DiBi Launch Hundred Plan Launch, Create the Most Stable Hundredfold Token

DiBi Launch Hundred Plan Launch, Create the Most Stable Hundredfold Token

Recently, BTC, the leader of digital currency, has seen an astonishing rise, rising from $10000 to $17000. It seems that the bull market in 2017 will reappear. It can be said that in recent years, as long as you hold BTC, you can make money, but the number of people who can hold it is small. This shows that in the field of blockchain, the more people have faith, the more people get paid.

When it comes to BTC, we have to mention the DiBi Launch hundred plan recently launched by the DiBi Global trading platform. This hundred plan officially started on November 17. Here, I will explain the basic logic of this plan.

There are 100 billion DiBi Token in the DIBI ecology. Among them, 99 billion will be destroyed in the end. For every 10 million DIBI destroyed, the price will rise by 1%, and when every 100 million DIBI are destroyed, it will decrease by 1%. In general, we will realize an upward trend. This is the logic of rising by destroying DIBI.

But 99 billion sounds like it will take a long time, so we need to know about the DiBi Launch trading area.

After understanding the logic of destruction and rise, we can formally talk about how the DiBi Launch trading area realizes the hundredfold plan.

Under normal circumstances, we can only buy and sell DIBI in the exchange trading area of DiBi Global. Although the price of DIBI remains relatively stable, we still want a higher income. At this time, we can go to the DiBi Launch trading area, because in the Launch trading area, the price of DIBI will be higher than that of exchange trading area.

Why the price of DIBI in DiBi Launch will be higher than that in exchange trading area, because one of the functions of Launch trading area is to serve as an accelerator for DIBI destruction and rise. The DIBI transaction volume here is large and the transaction speed is faster. The official will also recover a certain amount of DIBI here for destruction. The premise of acceleration is that the price of DIBI must be higher to attract users to trade.

In order to ensure that the transaction of users in Launch trading area can realize a virtuous cycle, or in a far-reaching way, that is to say, to realize the belief we mentioned above, users must transfer and lock DIBI first when entering the Launch trading area, and unlock their DIBI after trading in Launch area. So they can purchase their own DIBI in the exchange trading area and make it become a high value DIBI.

It not only obtains high-value DIBI, but also creates circulation value for Launch trading area, and also contributes to accelerating the mechanism of destroying and rising DIBI, killing three birds with one stone, which is why the hundredfold plan is attractive.

I believe now you can better understand the DiBi Launch hundred plan. This hundred plan is not empty cry, it has actual logic support, and more importantly, it has actual transaction support. It will realize step by step through the actual underlying logic and stable trading process.

This hundred plan, will come more reliable, community users are very confident about this.

Of course, it’s better to have a practical experience by yourself. The DiBi Launch trading area has been launched.