Meteorite, Digital Asset Operation Expert in DeFi

Meteorite, Digital Asset Operation Expert in DeFi

Before the end of a month in 2021, we have seen the signs of a continued bull market. As the leading projects in the field of DeFi, Uniswap and Curve, their token has basically tripled, and Polkadot ecology is not outdone, and DOT is soaring to $20.

Although BTC has not made any more brilliant achievements recently, but ETH has also returned to a historical high and once again pointed to $1400.

In just a few days, the blockchain world suddenly surged. The Huobi exchange also launched its own public chain, and the platform token became very popular as well.

Just looking at all these strange things, you will find that the bull market is full of opportunities, but you don’t know which one is better.

At this time, if you can give some assets to a stable platform and get rich with the platform, it is undoubtedly a good choice, which is why Grayscale has so many investors.

For BTC, if the operation is proper, I’m afraid those who want to make a living have earned several months.

In order to better serve these users, after the launch of the DeFi Star project DBLend lending platform, DIBI ecology continues to march into the field of decentralized quantification and is going to create a Meteorite to be your digital asset operation expert at the blockchain world.

Meteorite is a decentralized quantitative platform, which supports a variety of mainstream digital asset quantification strategies, thus simplifying the threshold for users to participate in quantitative investment. Meteorite, like DBLend, is an important DeFi project within the DIBI ecosystem, which will provide important guarantee for the health and sustainable development of the whole DIBI ecosystem.

Since the development of DIBI ecology, it has been praised by the public. Relying on the DiBi Global trading platform and the DBLend lending platform to improve the operation ability, as a brother platform, Meteorite has great advantages.

For quantification, many people think it is a professional category, but in short, the quantitative robot of Meteorite platform will obtain the user’s transaction API during the running process, and then automatically control the funds to participate in the transaction according to the strategy, so as to help users obtain more digital assets.

In terms of technical strength, Meteorite quantitative team has strong strength, and has won international quantitative competition awards for many times. At present, it has a number of top quantization strategies. At the same time, Meteorite platform also supports the settlement and incubation of global high-quality quantitative teams which undoubtedly provides users with more choices.

In the era of DeFi, the types of digital assets in hand are increasing day by day. In addition to BTC and ETH, many other digital assets can also be used. However, the more choices people have, the easier they are to miss some opportunities. Fortunately, things that people can’t pay attention to can be done by computers and big data.

If you choose Meteorite quantification platform, you can also be a digital asset operation expert in the era of DeFi.