The First Loan Quota White List Voting of DBLend Enter White Hot Stage

The First Loan Quota White List Voting of DBLend Enter White Hot Stage

Near the end of 2020, it was not long before DeFi became a bull market engine from obscurity at the beginning of the year. The real lock up volume of DeFi has exceeded $11 billion, a record high. Despite the liquidity reduction caused by the unlocking of four mining pools of Uniswap, the trading volume of Uniswap increased from about $1 million a day in early June to nearly $1 billion a day in early September, which is enough to prove itself.

We can see that after the ups and downs, DeFi is now slowly recovering, and is known and recognized by more and more people.

At present, the number of ETH deposits in the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract address has met the requirements, which means that ETH will start the Ethereum 2.0 Genesis block on December 1 as scheduled. This is not only good for Ethereum, but also good for Ethereum based DeFi ecology.

DBLend lending platform is one of the representatives of the stable development of the DeFi project.

Shortly after DBLend started DBL mining, DBLend also launched the First Loan Quota White List Voting Activities.According to the content of the official community weekly, DBLend lending platform will be officially launched soon.

Highly recognized by community users, ” The First Loan Quota White List Voting of DBLend” has been launched, the first gradient product quota has been subscribed, and the second gradient product quota is very few, and will enter the third gradient product subscription.

The DBL holder transfer DBL to the official designated voting address is regarded as the valid number of votes (1DBL = 1 vote). After voting, DBL will return the original route to the voting user’s address.

DBL holders (identified by the transfer address) will obtain loan lines of different positions according to their DBL voting ranking and number of votes (the first batch of loan products amount to 500000 USDT) when DBLend platform launch.

Official Designated Voting Address (ERC20):


The DBLend lending platform is coming online soon, and the Loan Quota White List Voting has also entered a white hot stage. Now, DeFi is also in a bull market. Why not participate?

In 2020, I’m optimistic about DBLend.